Nightmare is a Monster Play Tribe situated on the Evernight [EN] Server. We use Ventrilo in tribe only raids and we usually recruit anyone who seems to be a respectable player who knows what they are doing. Welcome to our site and feel free to register.
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PostSubject: Spindelkvinnan   Thu Aug 05, 2010 6:21 am

1) What are the names of your most active/high ranked creeps, and what rank are they?

  • Most active: Spindelkvinnan, Weaver, rank 5
  • Highest rank: Vasstand, Stalker, rank 7

2) What are the names of your most active/highest leveled freeps, and what level/rank are they? (this will help us to see how rounded of a player you are)

  • Tindomerel, Minstrel, level 65

3) Do you have a microphone? - note: it is not crucial that you have a mic, however it would be very helpful to us if you do.

  • Yes

4) Do you have ventrilo? - note: It is 100% vital that any member of this tribe must download ventrilo, it is absolutely free, if you get it soon, that's acceptable procided you do in fact get it soon.

  • Yes

5) Would you call yourself an active player? It's not much of a problem if you are not, however we do expect you do have a certain amount of playtime.

  • When I'm active I'm very active, I play almost every day, for at least a couple of hours. Sometimes I take a break though.

6) How would you say you spend time on your creep in relation to your freep, for example 50:50, 80:20 (creep being the first, freep being the second).

  • For now, 100% creep.

7) This is not an inquisition, so i've left this short. If there is anything you think important to add, or would like to say, please add it here. Remember, although we are looking for members, we are not prepared to take anybody, you need to advertise yourself a little. Those who do NOT put a bit about themself here are LESS LIKELY TO BE ACCEPTED.

  • I prefer creeping in groups, small or big ones. I also have a defiler which I'm currently thinking of ranking up, it's only rank 3 atm... If anyone have any questions I'll try to answer them as best I can.
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PostSubject: Re: Spindelkvinnan   Thu Aug 05, 2010 10:26 am

Hi Spindel Smile. Welcome to the tribe, it's great to have you and Baltic here just gimme a shout on Gundzor when you want your alt invited to the tribe =].
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